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Tuesday, 20 October 2009 11:18 pm
tags: d40 photography strobist

I've neglected my photography a bit recently, so I decided to post a few pictures I took yesterday. I'm into wide-angle shots in a big way and shoot mostly at the widest angle I currently possess, the 18mm end of my 18-15mm kit lens. As you may know I am also a bit advocate of off-camera flash. The following shots are an example of both.

The Jump Shot

This photo was actually taken with the on-camera flash, which occasionally I do use. I'm a big fan of the "jump shot" and Charlotte is more than willing to comply with my subject requests. I really like the composition of this. I especially like the contrast between the flash-lit subject and the moody, hint-of-a-sunset evening sky.

The Cold Shot

I equally like the composition in this shot. This was taken with an external flash, held out to the left of the subject. To separate the subject from the background, and expose a better sky, I used a -1/3 exposure compensation. I could've used -2/3, which would've given a punchier looking sky, but it would've given an underexposed look to the rest of the background elements, which are already looking a little dark.

In other news. I have managed to fall further into the pit of Bejeweled obsession. Why would someone make such an addictive game?