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Monday, 11 January 2010 10:49 pm
tags: youtube

I have just found my new favourite person on YouTube. Presenting: charlieissocoollike. After brief research I discovered Charlie has been making videos for about 2 years, but he's new to me. And I can't let this moment pass without mentioning him. In a nut shell: he is fricking awesome.

Charlie has managed to encapsulate 2 things I've been mulling over writing about in my blog:

  1. David Tennant as The Doctor is an absolute legend.
  2. For god sake be yourself. Everyone is so ordinary these days

It's so refreshing to see someone who, firstly, is completely natural in front of the camera, secondly, doesn't appear to care what people think and lastly, comes complete with a glowing sense of uniqueness and originality. Three qualities apparent in the Who Doctor himself.

Charlie McDonnell, I applaud you. David Tennant would be proud.

P.S. In case the Doctor Who comparison wasn't apparent enough: Charlieissocoollike is a big fan.