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Thursday, 29 September 2011 12:15 am
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Cloud Control made all sorts of noises tonight in the tight Audio club on the Brighton seafront. The Australian band's first record Bliss Release has been out for well over a year, but the 4-piece still appear to have a lot of fun banging out track after track off it. Despite a few technical hitches, the band outperformed my expectations and showed they're worthy new indie kids on the block.

Cloud Control in Brighton

Audio proved to be a great venue for the band, with the cramped stage and young, enthusiastic crowd lending itself well to the atmosphere. A highlight was the band reappearing on stage for an encore, amidst deafening cheers from the crowd, only to be told they had 5 minutes before the venue was closing, and promptly launching into a cover of The La's classic There She Goes.

You could tell the band members were all so strongly connected with one another, with the incredible 4-part harmonies of Death Cloud and Gold Canary. The band's energy was in abundance throughout, as they banged out hit after hit off the record. It's difficult to pick out highlights because every song was so flawlessly performed. With just a drumkit, a bass guitar, a keyboard and a guitar with a pedalboard full of treats, it was a joy to watch 4 young, talented musicians producing such an array of sounds.

As a bonus, I got to meet the band after the gig who were graciously flogging albums and t-shirts. It's something I've never had the pleasure of doing after a gig before. And it was the intimacy that Audio lent to the gig and the friendly nature of the band that made it happen.

I must also mention the support act, Big Deal, who were excellent. An emerging duo that are definitely worth checking out. Their current record is called Lights Out.

It's also worth mentioning that this this post kicks my 101 challenge off with #41!

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