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Monday, 14 September 2009 2:08 pm
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I’ve been following Dustin Diaz for some months now. He is a part-time freelance photographer, living in San Francisco. He’s prevalent on Flickr and is currently in the midst of his 365-day photography project - one picture a day for a year. If you’re into photography… check this guy out and let him inspire.

I haven’t mentioned strobism yet on the blog but it’s something I’m very interested in and am pursuing as part of my photography hobby. In a nutshell, strobism is the art of getting your flashgun off the camera. As I mentioned in a previous post, getting your flash off your camera is the single best think you can do to improve the quality of your flash shots. Dustin Diaz is a master strobist.

The average daily photograph of Dustin’s is either an urban shot, on the streets of San Francisco, or a professional quality controlled shot in his garage studio. I’ve been lucky enough to see his work from when he was first getting into the strobist idea of shooting and it’s been great to see his work improve and his shooting style develop.

Dustin Diaz is finally beginning to get the recognition for his work that he deserves. He recently had an interview featured on the Strobist website, and in the past few days has been filmed for a feature that will appear on Yahoo! in acknowledgment of his work work on Flickr.

Dustin has hordes of fans that check out his photo-stream each day and I just want to personally congratulate him for the achievements he’s made in the field of photography. It must be amazing to do something you enjoy, whilst having a positive and inspiring affect on so many people in the process.

You can out check Dustin’s personal website as well as his Flickr photostream to see his work.