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Tuesday, 1 September 2009 11:25 pm
tags: america photography prints

So you've seen some breathtaking views or spent time with some beautiful people and you've got some impressive photos to prove it. They're great at the time, but sooner or later they get forgotten. And why? Because most people leave them sitting on there hard drive gathering dust (well, sort of). I say make the most of them!

Remember the days when you couldn't even see the end result of your mad camera skillz without holding it in your hands? Photography has come a long way since then, but it seems we've lost touch with the original art form that is the printed photograph.

There's something about seeing that favourite image of yours right in front of your eyes and being able to physically hold it that gives the photo that extra impact. Especially if you opt for a larger than standard size of print. Such as 8x6" or 10x8".

America photo montage

Anyone who knows me is probably aware that I went to America for a month earlier in the summer and as a keen photographer I took a lot of photos. Among those photos I obviously have my favourites - and I've just confirmed an order for 200 of these to be printed.

I used Photobox but I've also used Jessops in the past, and the quality of the prints has been excellent. The latter of which will give you 50 free prints when you sign up. I've ordered 180 6x4s and 20 8x6s (of my absolute favorites) - some of which I've included in the collage above.

At 10p a print (or 8p if you order over 150), it doesn't work out much more expensive than it used to to get a reel of film developed. And you've got the digital luxury now of shooting as many photos as your heart desires. So if you've got an album or two that you're particularly proud of, why not give it a go.

Your technologically-challenged relatives will love you all the more for it.