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Sunday, 11 April 2010 2:24 pm
tags: adverts music television

...It's good music. I hate adverts as much as the next guy. But it can't be denied TV adverts have proven to be a great platform for getting across a damn good tune, or even launch a band's musical career.

I've already mentioned the excellence that is Phoneix - 1901 in Sony's advert for the PS3. Ford has recently put a great soundtrack to their latest advert for the Fiesta, with the song 'Halfway Home' by band The Cool Hearts. And recently featuring in an advert for the Samsung Monte mobile phone, the song 'Halcyon' by Delphic, a wonderfully catchy tune.

Lastminute.com's latest advertising campaign also features a brilliant instrumental version of Mumford & Son's hit The Cave. K-Swiss feature a refreshing cover of The Ramones' classic 'California Sun' in their latest advert. A few other of my favourites include the use of Grayson Matthew's cover of The Beatles classic 'All You Need is Love' for Blackberry's latest campaign and who can forget Yail Naim's virtually-from-nothing hit 'New Soul', which featured on the Apple Macbook Air's advert.

It's safe to say music is a powerful tool in the advertising world, and can often make or break an advert for me. If you've got 30 seconds to flog something, you've really got to make an immediate and lasting impact on the audience. Music is one of the only mediums that an achieve this.