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Wednesday, 3 February 2010 5:50 pm
tags: photography strobist

I got a few new toys for my Birthday, adding to my ever-growing lighting setup. I'm still a noob when it comes to off-camera lighting but I'm learning more every day and this kit should keep me occupied for a while.

The lighting family

In an order that's relatively easy to follow:

If you made it through that list and were wondering why I have 2 lots of wireless triggers/receivers... blame it on the Chinese. No, seriously, what happened was I ordered the Cactus's, hoping they'd come before Christmas. 4 weeks later they still hadn't arrived so I went on eBay and grabbed some alternatives that had been shipped over in advance and were being delivered from a UK address. Unfortunately, I was informed after buying them that the last batch of the UK stock had been sold and they'd need to be shipped from China. Sigh.

Suffice to say, I eventually got them both, but it was well into the new year. And now I have two. I'm yet to decide which I prefer, neither seat the SB-600 comfortably. I would conclude with the advice "buy locally", but I recently made an order from B+H in the US, and it was a breeze (once I'd surrendered the lump of money they wanted for VAT, various other taxes and handling and so forth). So despite the slight extra cost, my order turned up in a matter of days. Here that, China? A matter of days.

If you want me to shoot you (...) - let me know! I'm in need of models.