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Saturday, 2 January 2010 6:20 pm
tags: design dustindiaz music photography strobist

I haven't written a blog in a while. No excuses really, but I hope to get back on track in the upcoming weeks. This is mainly a catch-up post, going over a few things that I probably should've mentioned earlier, that have happened over the last few weeks. Namely:

I've been onto lighting and off-camera flashing (ahem) for almost as long as I've been into photography. The whole concept intrigues me. I've recently purchased some lighting gear - a light stand, an umbrella and a swivel umbrella bracket. Three things that, when combined with some form of off-camera trigger and a flash, will open up a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, due to the inconsistencies of posting something halfway around the world, I am still lacking a set of wireless triggers - despite ordering two, from two different companies. Sigh.

But mark my words, once those babies arrive, expect to see a lot of experimental photos appearing on the blog.

The new aforementioned website redesign for this here blog is based around a time-line design. Which, amongst other things, means it's going to be blatantly obvious if I don't blog for a while. I'm hoping this will spur me into being a more regular blogger. Plus I think it looks funky.

Another big change in the new design is going to be in how each individual blog is displayed. I'm hoping to incorporate a new system whereby each blog can be individually styled. This is a similar approach to articles in a magazine.

In other news, I rather like Glee's cover of the Journey classic, Don't Stop Believin'. Is that bad?

Oh and to close, Dustin Diaz has finished his 365 project and in style, no less. Check out his final photo, with accompanying video.