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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 4:47 pm
tags: food photography strobist

Following a rather half-arsed wander around my town's new Woolworthes replacement - the prestiogous 99p store - I stumbled upon something quite magnificent. You may remember a post I made last month about the disappearance of my favourite sweets. Well, I am proud to announce, Bassetts now sell a very similar product under the name 'Bassetts Allsorts - Red Liquorice'.

Bassetts Allsorts

Look at those little beauties. And it doesn't seem like Bassetts have changed a lot from the original Fruit Allsorts. Visually they appear the same and I didn't notice any differences in taste. Despite thoroughly enjoying devouring the packet, I did have a few qualms. The first being the lack of variety. Around 80% of the pack was made up of the orange and yellow sandwiches (middle and 3rd from the right). Another disappointment is due to the smaller packet. At a weight of 170g, it falls shy of the Fruit Allsorts' weight of 200g. However this injustice may lie in the hands of the 99p store.

The question remains though, are they really back? Or is it another failed product that the 99p store is selling off? Either way, it's nice to know they're around.

I'm a little ashamed to say the above picture does have a little post processing applied to it. The vignette, levels and contrast were added/adjusted in Photoshop. All done to make the sweets pop a little more from the background. Although I prefer to get a perfect image straight out the camera, sometimes a little PP is necessary. The Westcott 28" Softbox was used for the lighting in this shot, held directly above by myself. The camera was triggered by a remote, held in my other hand.