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Wednesday, 18 November 2009 8:55 am
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We cannot get enough of vampires. And this particular love story between a vampire and a mere mortal seems to have captivated the world. What struck me this weekend is the staggering popularity of the Twilight saga films. Huge billboards, television adverts, plastered across train & tube station walls, striped across buses and bus stops. You name it. New Moon - the next installment in the Twilight series of books & films - is set to be massive.

They Love Edward and Bella in Forks

So where do I stand on this teenage vampire romantic drama? Well. Anything that is hugely popular I would say I approach with caution. Having said that, currently, I've read 3 of the 4 books and have just begun reading the forth. The film is good. It has its cringeworthy moments but it's an impressive film, with stunning scenery and cinematography and an overall steady story-line. Of course, this was taken 100% from the book; which, again, on the whole is a pretty good read.

Reading the books, I found myself comfortably immersed in the story. I quite enjoy the whole vampire concept and the way the author slowly unravels their background as you progress through the books. However there is something rather repetitive and annoyingly angsty about the relationship between the two main characters. Yes, it is a love story. Yes, they are both teenagers (broadly speaking). But by the end of the third book I found the tension between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen to be a little tiresome.

So why exactly is it so popular? It's a story you can quite comfortably became enveloped in. It's easy to relate to the characters in one way or another. And there's something very fascinating about vampires, and the ones we're introduced to in Twilight are just as intriguing. And for the cherry on top, the whole story is based in the pacific north west of America, an area as atmospheric and mysterious as it is picturesque.

Even if you are unable to get on board with the - at times - tedious relationship issues throughout Twilight, you have to appreciate the success that the books, the first film and without a doubt the next film have had, and will continue to bring about.

This is an interesting and well told story. And this is not just for teenage girls. This is for everyone.