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Monday, 4 April 2011 8:05 pm
tags: coding design php portfolio

After a rather long time, I've finally finished a stable version of the CMS I've been building for the past 6 months or so. As it turned out, the first website to be built using it was a rather tiny portolio website for my good friend and upcoming artist extraordinaire Thomas Fox, which, whilst clearly and concisely displays Tom's artwork, doesn't show off the strengths and flexibility of the CMS framework.

I'm quite proud of what I've created, as it is designed to offer great flexibility, with much greater control over the website compared to traditional methods of web development. My new approach to web development treats a website as more of an entire well-oiled, communicating application rather than just a series of essentially unconnected webpages.

It's something I definitely intend to develop over a long period of time, but I can say with confidence I have high aspirations in terms of its use in future web development. I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces in a larger scale project. However, the next step is to rebuild this site using the framework, something I hope to implement in the next 6 months. I'm also hoping to start documenting the code, and coming up with a well-formed user guide, similar to the excellently presented CodeIgniter docs.