Hey. I'm Sam. Welcome. This here is my blog; I also have a portfolio.


Why are you writing a blog? What's the subject?

I have no real motive behind my blog, other than I enjoy documenting things. I enjoy writing and am keen to improve. My blog doesn't have a theme, nor does it cover a specific topic. Put simply, if you like what you read, stick around! There's plenty more.

What do you do?

I'm fresh out of uni and currently unemployed. I work as a web developer for BozBoz, a web design agency based in Brighton. I work for language training company Cactus, based in Brighton, with an additional office in New York City. These days I'm mainly working as a PHP back-end developer, but am always looking for opportunities to get creative with some front-end development. I hope to eventually adapt this website into some sort of portfolio, showcasing my mad skills. I now have a portfolio, albeit a rather primitive one. I hope to eventually adapt this portfolio into something far more impressive. One day...

Did you build the website?

Yes, I hate using other people's code/designs. If I see something I like I attempt to replicate it, the rest of time I just go at it myself.

Can you build me a website?

Maybe - Get in touch.

What kind of music do you like?

Probably too much to list here, take a look at my last.fm page if you're interested. In addition, I regularly blog about music.

Why is there a timeline?

It came to me in an epiphany I had. Well, not really. I thought it would add an interesting dimension to the blog. It's a good way to see how regularly I blog or simply offers an alternative view of recent blogs. Use the older and newer yellow buttons (you can't miss them) to browse through time, they move 15 days at a time.

What's with the new commenting system?

Virtually every blog has the same commenting system - type your name, e-mail (required but not used, etc.), website (optional) and then message. I feel blog entries can get ladened down with unnecessary conversation, not to mention the fact that the average user is likely to skip this step altogether, because who wants to enter 4 bits of information. For this reason, I stripped back the concept of commenting. Similar to twitter, you're limited to 200 characters and you're encouraged to keep it short and factual. Feel free to sign off your comment with your name at the end.

Are these real frequently asked questions or are you just making them up?

... The latter. Although feel free to ask me a real question, I'd be happy to stick them on here.

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