The joys of fast glass

Monday, 26 April 2010 5:06 pm
tags: bokeh photography

To anyone who isn't a photographer, the title of this won't make a whole lot of sense. 'Fast glass' refers to lenses with a large maximum aperture, or in number terms, a low f-stop. I'll explain in a little more detail later on. In the past, I've talked about various photography topics including why you should get a DSLR, achieving good bokeh and why you should use off-camera flash. This post is my attempt at persuading photographers to get their hands on some fast lenses. Why? Well why not continue reading...

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The Motorcycle Club of Black Rebels

Sunday, 25 April 2010 12:32 pm
tags: blackrebelmotorcycleclub livemusic music

Wow! Do these guys put on a show! On Friday night I went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the HMV forum in London. I wouldn't say I was a huge fan of this band prior to the event, but nevertheless I was looking forward to seeing some decent live music. Blown away would be an understatement! However good a band sounds recorded, they're really not worth their name in salt if they don't perform well live. Let me tell you, if you haven't heard or seen this band live, they were undisputedly born to play live.

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Moving Pictures

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:44 pm
tags: d40 d90 movies photography

They said a picture is worth a thousand words. If there's truth in that statement, video certainly has a lot to say, given film (as an example) is captured at 24 frames-per-second. My point? As much as I love photography, I've been fantasising recently about the virtues of video, and the advantages moving pictures have over their still counterparts.

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An interesting week in the Premier League

Monday, 19 April 2010 4:44 pm
tags: football

You can be excused for forgetting about a post I made over 6 months ago, predicting how this season would pan out in the Premier League. I originally intended to return to this post a month later to see how accurate my predictions were. However, 6 months later, with weeks remaining of this season, here's the follow-up. Better late than never...

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If there's one thing TV adverts have given us...

Sunday, 11 April 2010 2:24 pm
tags: adverts music television

...It's good music. I hate adverts as much as the next guy. But it can't be denied TV adverts have proven to be a great platform for getting across a damn good tune, or even launch a band's musical career.

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