This is the portfolio of Sam King. The work displayed here was primarily completed at the University of Sussex, whilst studying a degree in Multimedia & Digital Systems.

The diversity of work completed at University has helped me realise my primary interest lies in web design and development. It is in this field that I have the most experience, and feel most confident in.

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My name is Sam King and I am a recent graduate of the University of Sussex.

I put together this portfolio as a way of displaying my work to potential employers. It is currently quite sparse, however I intend to build upon it in the upcoming months.

The design of this mini-site is very clean, yet basic, something I may develop in the future.

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Email: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/samdking

For further contact information, please view my CV.


As a personal form of expression I keep a blog. The website features a PHP and mySQL back-end admin section, where entries can be added, modified or removed.

Originally intended to be simply a test of my web skills following my degree, the blog has grown into a frequently-updated website and a place where I reguarly discuss my interests and any other current goings on.

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UDS Website

Created whilst on an 8-week graduate placement with HTEC, acquired through the Shell Step programme.

This design replaced a default CMS skin. My brief was to create a set of webpages with a similar theme to the main website.

This website features a custom back-end admin section coded in PHP and mySQL, where news articles can be created and modified.

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X-Volt Website

A friend's website which I redesigned the layout for. Maintenance and programming of the website is handled by Simon Colmer.

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3D Animation

The main element of the 3D Animation module of my degree. Completed in 3DStudio Max, this 40-second animation is split into 3 distinct sections:

A bouncing ball; a moving lamp and a gadget/machine. I was given a working rig of the lamp (of which to animate), the other two objects I created and animated myself.

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'Running Man' Animation

This Multimedia Applications assignment was to create a 30-second Flash animation to accompany an audio track. I used varying speeds of tweening to create a feel of depth and realistic movement.

The animation was created using both Flash CS3 and CS4. It is solely timeline-based, and contains no ActionScript.

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Flash Game

This second Multimedia Applications assignment was to create a flash-based game. I took the object oriented approach to coding the ActionScript, as I had been doing with my Final Year Project. As a result, almost all the functionality for the game comes from the ActionScript files.

Due to time constraints with other modules, the creative appeal of the game is minimal. However, the functionality is sound. The game features an atmospheric audio clip, created in GarageBand.

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Video FX & Compositing

This assignment involved the use of Adobe After Effects. Provided with several raw video clips, we had to do a series of compositing and editing to create a realistic action scene (complete with explosions).

This was a time consuming project that required a stringent attention to detail.

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Final Year Project

The accompanying Flash application to my third year dissertation. Powered by Actionscript 3.0, I attempted this as a personal programming challenge.

The application is audio-based, and the aim was to create an abstract, fun, yet simple environment for which to create music on the fly.

Although the application has its shortfalls, it was a big achievement in terms of my personal understanding and development in the Flash environment.

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Web 3D Applications

The accompanying website to the 3D enviroment created in 3DSMax, as part of the Web 3D module in my final year.

The technology used to display the 3D file on the webpage is outdated and not very widely supported, however parts of the website are static HTML and can be viewed on all browsers.

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